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The Marbling Process on Fabric or Paper

My work room
Water pre-mixed with Carrageenan
Stone pattern created
Two patterns: Combed and Stoned
Stone pattern lays on top of water
A nonpareil pattern
Adding paint
Raking pink, purple, white and red
Finished raking
Fabric placed on top of paints
Design adheres to fabric or paper
Final step is to set by rinsing
Drying rack
Needs about 24 hours to dry
Two finished patterns
Finished red, white, & blue pattern
Three vibrant patterns
All dried and ready to sew
Finished pillow - Peacock Pattern
Time marbled pillow in stone pattern
Card set of swirled marble pattern

A Few Projects - Past & Present

Flying Butterfly
Kind Word
Winter Bird
crazy quilt square
Sari bowl
Marbled Flowers
Paris pillow

Sewing Project - Curtains & Cushions 

Cutting curtain fabric and lining
Cutting strips for piping
Pretty contrasting fabric for piping
Sewing piping
Attaching Piping
Finished! Pretty curtains & cushions
Striped cushion

Christmas Cards of Christmas' Past

Warm greetings
hawaiian quilt
Xmas Shopper
Vintage Postcard
Peace unto you

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